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Persuasive Essay - Elmali 1 Fatih Elmali Professor Weiss...

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Elmali 1 Fatih Elmali Professor Weiss EGL 101-01 July 13, 2001 Can Life Be Categorized As Important Or Insignificant? CompAnimals began as a Senior Pet Rescue with the rescue of Leticia and Jezabel, two senior cats who were down on their luck when their owner died unexpectedly. Leticia & Jez were placed in a home together where they were pampered throughout their senior years. CompAnimals has gone on to rescue hundreds of unwanted pets. They have expanded to help all animals in need but specialize in the unadoptable: cats & dogs with missing hair, animals needing surgery prior to adoption, missing limbs or eyes, sick kittens or puppies that don't have a chance at the shelter, any animal that just needs a little extra TLC before finding that forever home. CompAnimals helps the community by helping others realize the importance of life as well as the consequences of ignoring to learn to value life. Above all, guide dogs allow a blind person to get around much easier than a cane. They also allow the person to have a friend and blind people have trouble going places because of the busy highways and the amounts of people. Supplying guide dogs to these people allow them to move around easier and live their lives without the restrictions of having a disability. Money can only help you achieve happiness to an extent. Even the richest person in the world will not be able to cure blindness. Guide dogs become blind people’s eyes and serve them as long as they can and lead blind and visually impaired people around obstacles. They sacrifice their life for the
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Persuasive Essay - Elmali 1 Fatih Elmali Professor Weiss...

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