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Elmali 1 Fatih Elmali Professor Weiss EGL 101-01 August 01, 2011 Reflective Essay The Failures and Successes of My Journey This summer had more in store for me than I could have ever imagined. The most surprising event was to interview an organization and write multiple essays based on that institution. By interviewing an organization, I came to realize that writing an essay is not all about sitting down in a classroom and trying to come up with something. The real inspiration lies in exploration. Writing is the same as exploration. The things that are explored are written down as pieces of information, however the real joy lies in being able to discover those information and writing them down yourself. This semester was more fruitful than I thought. I have improved myself to an extent of being able to write coherent essays, however there are still parts that I still need to improve on. Similarly, In essay 1, I failed to demonstrate a thesis, in this case dominant impression, in a single sentence at the end of an introductory paragraph. Even though my dominant impression had a subject, my idea and opinion were lacking originality such as being too general or too narrow. My thesis in essay 1 read: "The preciousness of life, no matter who it belongs to, is fading away from the minds and hearts of people, just like the long lost and forgotten history, which people cannot seem to remember no matter how hard they try." The last part of my thesis is unclear as to what it was trying to convey to the audience. In an attempt to improve my writing skills, I conference with my teacher in order to get a better understanding on the concept of
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Elmali 2 writing a much better and coherent thesis. In essay 2, my argumentative thesis was, "In order to stop the further abuse of animals and humans, kids should be taught to appreciate life by caring for animals in classrooms." Instead of my idea and opening being out in the field, I narrowed it down to a practical solution and built on it. Also, skills that I improved on to write a topic controlled paragraphs are demonstrated in essay 2. The thesis of my essay focuses on the importance of life as well as the consequences of ignoring to learn to value life. My topic sentences show the importance of abused animals to the community through guide dogs such as, “Guide dogs allow a blind person to get around much easier than a cane.” Particularly, the following topic sentence introduces an organization that helps abused animals through their many accomplishments. In the following sentence, “CompAnimals provide care and treatment to animals needing protection, attempt to find homes for homeless animals and reunite lost pets with their families,” my topic sentence clearly relates
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reflective - Elmali 1 Fatih Elmali Professor Weiss EGL...

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