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Elmali 1 Fatih Elmali Professor Weiss EGL 101-01 July 25, 2011 Violence in Different Forms Violence is what caused the downfall of the great civilizations of mankind. Many civilizations fell victim to the humans’ merciless side. Kids are the very foundation that takes root within the center of the world. If the foundation of the building is not constructed well, it is bound to fail and collapse under the slightest pressure. The same concept can be applied to the construction of a human society. If the kids are taught to enjoy violence, the future that lies ahead is a dark one. Violence leads to hatred and hatred leads to more violence, thus an unbreakable cycle of violence is created. This is a cycle which cannot be broken unless the problem is terminated from its roots. CompAnimals is an institution that does not differentiate between lives. it does not put humans' lives above animals. On the contrary, it places all lives on equal terms. CompAnimals is an institution that shines ever so brightly to guide the lost souls of humans onto the right path. It teaches the future generation not to indulge in themselves and that real happiness lies in helping helpless creatures. In order to prevent the further abuse of animals as well as humans, students must be taught to appreciate life through caring for animal lives instead of using animals in experiments and dissecting them mercilessly. In recent years, a strong connection has been documented linking animal abuse and domestic violence. A New Jersey study found that in 88 percent of families where there had been
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Elmali 2 physical abuse of children, there were also records of animal abuse (Allen). In Wisconsin, battered women revealed that in four out of five cases, abusive partners had also been violent toward pets or livestock. Women who do seek safety at shelters are nearly 11 times more likely to report that their partner has hurt or killed their animals than women who have not experienced domestic abuse. These numbers are too high. Allen M. states that the Chicago Police Department's Domestic Violence Program took a look at the criminal histories of animal fighting/animal abuse arrestees for 2000-2001 and found that approximately 30 percent had domestic violence charges on their records. There is legitimate evidence that the individuals involved in violent acts against animals present a danger to the public that must be addressed. Intentional animal abuse is often seen in association with other serious crimes including drug offenses, gang activity, weapons violations, sexual assault and domestic violence and can be one of the most visible parts of an entire history of aggressive or antisocial behavior. Many studies in psychology, sociology, and criminology during the last 25 years have demonstrated that violent offenders frequently have childhood and adolescent histories of serious and repeated animal cruelty.
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Research - Elmali 1 Fatih Elmali Professor Weiss EGL 101-01...

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