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ORIE 3300/5300 Optimization I Fall 2011 Professor Bland Exercise – Scaling (a) Suppose that you are given a feasible tableau for a linear programming maximization problem in which one nonbasic variable, x k , represents the number of cinnamon doughnuts to be produced today. How would the tableau change if the interpretation of x k were changed to the number of dozens of cinnamon doughnuts to be produced today. (b) One rule for selecting among the eligible pivot columns in the simplex
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Unformatted text preview: method applied to maximization l.p. problem is if there are some c j > then select the entering variable x s to have the maximum c j > 0. This gives the greatest rate of improvement in the objective function value per unit change in the value of the entering variable. What implication does the “scaling” issue raised in part (a) have on the computational merit of the maximum c j rule?...
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