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2012 Homework 1 - Cf b CHM 25 5 Homework#1 Due Thursday...

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Unformatted text preview: Cf} b CHM 25 5- Homework #1 Due Thursday, January 19, 8 AM (.613! 1. The angular momentum quantum number determines: a. the spin of the electron @the shape of the atomic orbital c. the row of the periodic table for a particular element 2. An atom with an atomic number of 9 has: a. 9 valence electrons b. 8 valence electrons @7 valence electrons 3. Choose the correct combination of answers: As the quantum number “11” increases, the energy of the atomic orbital (increases, decreases), and the number of nodes in the orbital wave function (decreases, increases). a. decreases/increases b. decreases/decreases @increases/increases d. increases/decreases 4. Which one of the following is NOT true. A nodal region in an orbital: a. occurs where the wave function changes Sign . epresents a region of maximum electron density 0. is associated with increasing energy for that orbital 5. For the Lewis Symbol below, which element does “X” represent? 0X. a. Be B c. d. N 6. What is the maximum number of covalent bonds that oxygen can form without the oxygen atom becoming positively charged? @ l 2 c.3 d.4 7. Is the following structure a Lewis Acid, a Lewis Base or neither H H\| /H t ‘E i a. Lewis Acid _ _ _ _ 5M5 Base H (I: If (I: H '0. either H C H /1\ H H 8. What is the formal charge, if any, on the nitrogen atom in the molecule drawn in question 7? a. -1 b. Neutral @H (1. +2 9. What is the formal charge, if any, on the circled atom in the structure below? H (IJCH3 c——CH3 H | H a. = -l @ neutral .=+1 ...
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