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2011 Quiz 1 - CHM 255 Practice Quiz 1 Name 34 b Insert or...

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Unformatted text preview: CHM 255 Practice Quiz 1 Name ( 34;? b - Insert or circle the answers to the following questions. All questions are 2 points unless otherwise noted; there will generally be no part credit for these questions. 1. A 23 orbital and a 2p orbital differ in their values of: a. the quantum number “ne quantum number “1” c. the quantum numbers“ ” 2. (1 pt each) i. If the atomic number of an element is 8, it will have: a. 8 valence electrons valence electrons c. 4 valence electrons ii. Draw the Lewis Symbol for this element. I a z 0 , r r 3 Which one of the following structures is impossible? I H_$ ' H_(f_$\ H H—égn H H - H a. c. it H—C—N</ , ' 0'. H .9 . a. +1 b. none- it is neutral 0. -1 (1. +2 5. Show the direction of the bond dipole of a C-Cl bond (see below) using the symbol l ; remember that the negative end of the dipole corresponds to the arrowhead. +P Cw? MIMI C-Cl ...
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