2009 Exam 2

2009 exam 2

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Unformatted text preview: NAME: __________KEY________________ MIDTERM EXAM II BIOLOGY 231 19 October 2009 ________________________________________________________________________________ GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Answer all questions IN INK. 2. NO CALCULATORS. 3. Confine each answer to the BOX or SPACE provided. You are free to use the backs of the pages for scratch work, but ONLY what is written in the box or space will be graded! 4. SHOW YOUR WORK in all calculations and render fractional answers into DECIMAL form. 5. Make sure that your name is PRINTED LEGIBLY on EACH PAGE. 6. This exam consists of 10 problems plus one extra-credit on 14 pages and it is worth a total of 100 points (104 w/ extra credit). 7. Take your time, check your work, good luck! Information that might be useful: ! 1M = 103mM = 106ìM; 1V = 103mV ! 10x /10y = 10x-y ; log(10X) = X; 10log(X) = X; log(10X/10Y) = log(10X￿Y) ! because of “wobble” pairing between mRNA codons and tRNA anticodons, U in the 5' position of an anticodon can pair with A or G in the mRNA codon, and G in the 5' position of an anticodon can pair with C or U in the...
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