2009 Exam 2

Answer yes or no and briefly explain your reasoning n

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Unformatted text preview: iefly EXPLAIN your reasoning: N O – th ere is n o co d o n in th is m R N A th at w ill b in d th e an tico d o n in q u estio n (T h e co d o n A G G is a p erfect fit an d th ere ’s n o w o b b le fo r th is anticodon) -4- NAME: __________KEY________________ MIDTERM EXAM II BIOLOGY 231 19 October 2009 ________________________________________________________________________________ (3) (a) 4 pts. Answer the following questions about translation in a phrase: During the initiation of translation, which ribosomal subunit first associates with the mRNA? the sm all subunit (30S o r 4 0S ) What covalent modification of the mRNA is recognized by the ribosome during initiation? the 5' m ethylguanosine cap Which subunit of the ribosome contains catalytically active rRNA? the large subunit (50S o r 6 0S ) What reaction does that catalytic rRNA carry out? the form ation of p eptide b onds (b) 8 pts. Use this picture of a ribosome translating a strand of mRNA into a protein to answer the questions below. W hat is the anticodon of the tR...
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