2009 Exam 2

O n l y the strand w ith the open reading frame w ill

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Unformatted text preview: frame w ill b e transcribed. 3'-G T T A C A T G T A G T G A A G A C T T G A A C A G T A A A G G A T T C -5' 5'-C A A T G T A C A T C A C T T C T G A A C T T G T C A T T T C C T A A G - 3 ' (a) 5 pts. Identify which strand contains the open reading frame and WRITE ONLY the open reading frame of the mRNA that will be transcribed from that strand in the box below. LABEL the 5' and 3' ends. UNDERLINE the initiation and termination codons. (the top strand contains the O RF, m RN A = ) 5' AUG U AC AU C ACU U CU G AA C UU GU C AUU U CC U AA 3 ' (b) 5 pts. Using the single letter abbreviations for amino acids, write the deduced amino acid sequence of the small protein encoded for by this open reading frame. Be sure to label the N-terminus and C-terminus. N term - M Y I T S E L V I S - C term (c) 4 pts. In this cell, there is a mutated aminoacyl tRNA synthase that couples aspartic acid (D) to the tRNA with the anticodon 3'-UCC-5'. Will the presence of this aberrant aminoacyl tRNA have any effect on the sequence of the resulting protein? ANSWER "YES" or "NO" and br...
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