R efer to the neuron diagram her e and answ er the

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Unformatted text preview: embra ne proteins . R efer to the neuron diagram her e and answ er the follow ing q u estion s. (a ) 2 p ts . W hen a depolarization is c arried along the axon and reaches p oint 2 , w hat are the tw o m embra ne proteins respons ible for the threshold behavior a nd pattern of c h a n g e s in V M d u rin g th e a c tio n p o ten tial? voltage-gated Na and K channels (b ) 3 p ts . W hat e nables the depolarization at p oint 2 to be felt a t p oint 3 ? Current flow enables a depolarization in one region of the axon to cause a depolarization in an adjacent, downstream region. ( c) 3 p ts. W hat p roperty of s pecific mem brane proteins p revents the depolarization at p o in t 2 fro m trig g e rin g a d e p o la riz a tio n a p o in t 1 ? E x p la in c le a rly in o n e o r two sentences: After they have opened once in response to a membrane depolarization, the voltage-gated ion channels have a brief refractory period during which they cannot open again for a few msec. -8- NAME: __________KEY________________ MIDTERM EXAM II BIOLOGY 231 19 October 2009 ________________________________________________________________________________...
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