W hat is the anticodon of the tr n a in the a s ite

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Unformatted text preview: N A in the A s ite of the ribos om e? W R ITE it a t r igh t, labeling the 3 ' a nd 5 ' e nd s. W hat a mi no acid is c oupled to this tR N A ? W R IT E the single-letter a b b re v iatio n a t rig h t. 3' G U A 5 ' H T h e re is a n o th e r c o d o n th a t co u ld b e su b stitu ted fo r th e o n e c u rre n tly in the A s ite w itho ut chang ing the p rotein’s 1 ￿ s equence. W R IT E that cod on a t r igh t, label the 5 ' a nd 3 ' e nd s. 5' C A C 3 ' A s tra n sla tio n p ro g re ss e s, w h a t is th e N E X T C O D O N th a t w ill b e in the E site? Be sure to L A B E L the 5' a nd 3' e nds. 5' G A C 3' -5- NAME: __________KEY________________ MIDTERM EXAM II BIOLOGY 231 19 October 2009 ________________________________________________________________________________ (4) We have studied the Na+, K+ and charge gradients that support the transmission of a nerve impulse. These are often measured in the squid giant axon, but I have now (at some peril) measured them in the giant squid axon. The data for the axon are as foll...
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