2009 Exam 2

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Unformatted text preview: a cid s) 2nd U C A G 1st U 3 rd C U S Y C C S te rm. te rm. A L S te rm . W G L P H R U L P H R C L P Q R A L P Q R G I T N S U I T N S C I T K R A M (in it.) G Y L A S F C F T K R G V A D G U V A D G C V A E G A V A E G G -2- NAME: __________KEY________________ MIDTERM EXAM II BIOLOGY 231 19 October 2009 ________________________________________________________________________________ (1) 8 pts. Below are 8 examples of a nucleic acid template (at left) and a possible result of synthesis by polymerase activity on that template (at right). For each, choose whether the enzyme most likely to have generated the product at right from the template at left is: (A) a DNA-dependent DNA polymerase (for replication) (B) a DNA-dependent RNA polymerase (for transcription) (C) RNA primase (makes primer for strand replication) (D) a combination of more than one of these 3 enzymes (E) needs additional enzymes not listed here WRITE the CORRECT LETTER (A-E) for each in the BOX at the far right. STARTING TEMPLATE: RESUL...
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