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ORIE 4150 Homework #2 2012

ORIE 4150 Homework #2 2012 - ORIE 4150/5150 Homework#2 Due...

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ORIE 4150/5150 Due February 25, 2011 Homework #2 1. Fairmont Plastics is looking to build a 64 inch capacity extruder out of component parts. They have never built a 64 inch capacity extruder before, but they just built a 36 inch capacity extruder for $88,700, and a 48 inch capacity extruder for $102,500. How much will the 64 inch capacity extruder cost? 2. A construction contractor recently built a number of natural gas fueled power plants in the western United States. The contractor found ways to lower construction costs over time. Unfortunately, the cost data for the first unit was lost. The cost data follows: Unit Cost ($) 2 $98,750,000 3 $89,860,000 4 $82,850,000 5 $77,800,000 Find the estimated cost for the sixth and tenth power plants.
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