lec6a - 1 Malt “Malt” means malted barley The vast...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 Malt “Malt” means malted barley. The vast majority of the grain that is malted is barley. Malt has brewing, distilling, baking and confectionary uses. Other grains (mainly wheat and rye) can also be malted. In those cases the products are referred to as wheat malt or rye malt. Mostly those are used in some specialty beers and distilling. oats barley wheat rye small grain seed heads Barley is a small grain, with appearance similar to wheat and rye. It has distinct awns (whiskers). Barley grain head barley Feld Barley cultivars are classiFed as two-row or six-row depending on the arrangement of kernels in the grain head viewed from the end. 2 2-row barley 6-row barley Two-row barley seeds tend to be plumper and contain more extract (mainly starch) per unit weight than six-row barley. Six-row barley, on the other hand, has a higher content of protein and enzymes per unit weight. 2-row barley 6-row barley Feed Barley vs. Malting Barley Only certain barley cultivars (varieties) are approved for malting. Even barley of these cultivars must meet certain speci¡cations. Malting barley that meets speci¡cations commands a premium price. Barley that is not acceptable for malting is mainly used for human or animal food. Barley has a huge agronomic range. It can be grown from the Equator to the Arctic Circle. Malting barley is typically a bit more circumscribed but it is grown in Australia*, Canada*, China, France*, Germany, Japan, Russia, Scandinavia, South Africa, United Kingdom, and the US among other places....
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lec6a - 1 Malt “Malt” means malted barley The vast...

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