lec5b - Introduction to Brewing Karl J Siebert Brewing is...

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Unformatted text preview: Introduction to Brewing Karl J. Siebert Brewing is the process of making beer. Beer encompasses both: ales (“top fermented”) and lagers (“bottom fermented”). Brewing Raw Materials • Malt (malted barley) • Water • (Adjunct) • Hops • Yeast Major Contributions of Malt • Yeast Nutrition lipids (unsaturated fatty acids, sterols) amino acids, simple sugars from enzymes acting on starch, proteins • Flavor malty ¡avor • Color colored compounds • Foam foam-active protein • Processing Aid husk forms ¢lter bed Contributions of Adjuncts • Yeast Nutrition simple sugars from malt enzymes acting on adjunct starch • Flavor essentially none for most adjuncts • Color no color • Foam no contribution • Processing Aid no contribution, some detriment Brewhouse Fermentation Storage water wort “fass” beer beer derive ¡avor from malt & hops; make nutrients for yeast make alcohol, CO 2 , other ¡avor compounds colloidal, ¡avor maturation spent grains, trub, spent hops yeast cool The Brewing Process malt adjunct hops hot cold yeast cool H 2 O to fermentation wort cooler hot wort tank hop strainer mash water sparge water kettle adjunct cooker mash vessel malt bin adj. bin grain mills lauter tun air hops Mashing Boiled 15 - 45 min Heated by combining the mashes Mashing off Sparging ~76ºC Malt mash Adjunct mash Temperature (ºC) Time (min) Steam heated Steam heated 100 80 60 40 30 50 70 90 40 80 120 160 200 240 280 Mashing Functions • Make Nutrients for Yeast Convert starch to sugars Convert protein to amino acids • Minimize Processing Dif¡culties Reduce size of beta-glucans Degrade gel proteins • Flavor Effects Reduce DMS precursor content Lipid oxidation limit dextrins + α-amylase oligosaccharides...
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lec5b - Introduction to Brewing Karl J Siebert Brewing is...

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