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ORIE 4580/5580 Project-Related Assignment Data Analysis Due by Nov. 11, 11:00 am, in the drop-box located on the second floor of Rhodes Hall. Hand in a single assignment for your project group with the names of all group members. Show all relevant calculations, but be brief. Make sure that every team member has read the project description before starting this assignment. The goal of this assignment is to understand the problem, “clean” the data collected by the GPS system and fit input distributions. 1. Estimate the fraction of calls that originate at each location. Give confidence intervals for your estimates. 2. Plot a histogram for the initial diagnose times. Hypothesize a family of distributions that these data may be coming from. Estimate the parameters of the distribution. Visually assess the goodness of fit between the data and the fitted distribution by using both a histogram and a Q-Q plot. 3. Estimate the faction of service calls that can be addressed by a mechanic on site and give a confidence interval for your answer.
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