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Athletic Burnout Athletic staleness and burnout is a big problem for many of today’s athletes whether they are at the amateur or professional level. The good thing about this problem that ends up in total and complete physical and emotional exhaustion is that it can be recognized when it is taking place. It can also be treated if the recognition comes at too late of a stage of the onset of staleness and burnout. But the best remedy for athletic staleness and burnout is prevention of it in the first place. There are three different models that have been used to explain the causes of athlete burnout. The first one is the cognitive affective stress model, which tells us that the athlete is burned out due to chronic stress on the mind and body during athletic competition and outside of athletic competition. The second is the negative training stress response model that argues that burnout happens as a result of over training. The last one, which is undimensional identity development and external control model suggests burnout is caused by social problems in the
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