Intro Mike - INTRODUCTION In the opinion of many fans,...

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INTRODUCTION In the opinion of many fans, deviance and criminality are rampant among athletes in today’s power and performance sports. Onlookers feel that it has gotten worse in recent years. Take for instance, last month’s Pistons/ Pacers spectacle in which five NBA stars were charged with misdemeanors. A highly publicized event, the fight gave further publicity to the very actions that many deem disappointing. Furthermore, recent publicity raised questions regarding guilt. Many blame the media. Some blame the commercialization of sports Regardless of guilt, the standards and morals practiced by the NBA showed, at least that particular evening, a compromise. Purpose of Paper The purpose of this paper is to compare the deviance of a high-profile athlete to Jay Coakley’s Sport Ethic. The athlete being studied is the infamous, Iron Mike yson. Background Information Born June 30, 1966, Mike Tyson was an experienced mugger by age 13. He became a professional boxer by 1985 and for many years he would enter the ring wearing a blac, black trunks, and black shoes, cultivating an executioner image. By 1988, Tyson was the heavyweight champion of the world after giving Michael Spinks his only career loss. His quick rise to the top was characterized by 1st Round knockouts, some within two minutes. At times he was called the most dangerous fighter in the history of the sport (no pun intended). Famous boxing trainer Cus D’Amato once boasted that Tyson could land three punches in under one second. Many people appreciated Tyson’s boxing abilities. His comeback fight in 1995 generated over $90 million. In 1996, Tyson fought Holyfield bringing in $14 million, the highest revenues from a live gate in the history of boxing. Tyson’s professional resume doesn’t stop in the ring. In other words, Tyson has an impressive
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Intro Mike - INTRODUCTION In the opinion of many fans,...

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