FINAL STUDY GUIDE - Psychology 405 History and Systems Six...

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Psychology 405: History and Systems Six Questions: 1.) What is psychology? According to Skinner : Scientific study of behavior. [GENERIC DEFINITION] Central focus on the word SCIENTIFIC, or needing external verification. Gaining good evidence in a systematic fashion using external and internal states of mind. External: Way you behave. Internal: The way you think. 2.) Why do we study psychology? - How could we be on Earth and not study? - Curiosity. Understanding. Reduction of suffering. Reduction of error, but not an attainment of no error. - - Nothing we find will ever be definite. - Why do high schools ask you to take PE, but not psychology Physical over mind. 3.) How do we study psychology? Keep an empirical-objective approach. To be objective, keep emotions out of the equation. It’s a methodology of approximation. Statistics: Taking a small sample to amplify to the many. - Descriptive: - Inferential: a.) Simple Observation b.) Correlation c.) Experimentation Psychologists are so afraid to make Type 1 errors that they make Type 2 errors often. 4.) The history/story of psychology? - Noteworthy patterns, such as the fact that people have chosen to eat meat over other things, have a REASON for that behavior. -
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FINAL STUDY GUIDE - Psychology 405 History and Systems Six...

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