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Period books contrasting point of view Beginning of Da Greeks Greeks Writ en history 470bc - hippocrates Corpus, Oath Punishment from God phlegm -earth, yel ow fiery - bad tempered, black - depressed, blood - Socrates Dialogues,justice virtue prudence Scientific approach to behavior M.A.P.S. Plato 427-347 bc Associationism - pavlov Goal of knowledge to know the self Aristotle 384-322 Lyceum - school he started,3 laws of associaation - we are what wer repeatedly do Alexander the great Student of Aristotle Roman empire St Augustine - 354 -430 MUW Fal of Rome 467 Middle ages, 5th -15th century 1000-1300 -chritianity - crusades St Aquinas 1225-1274 9th -15th feudal Renaissance, 14th -17th century Marco Polo 1254-1324 Beginning of materialism - end of the soul Venice, merchant Empiricists francis Bacon Creater of empiricism Rene Descartes 1596-1650 cogito ergo sum Locke 1632 -1704 Isaac Newton 1646-1727 Julien Of ray de La Met rie 1709-1751 Man a machine extreme materialsim pre rejected Cartesian dualism Immanuel Kant 1724 -1804 De condil ac 1750 -1780 James Mil 1773 - 1836 Johann Friedrich Herbart 1776-1841 Aristotle 1st book with "psychology" John Stuart Mil 1806 – 1873
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