Reading Response #13 - Brian Lau English 200 D Andrew...

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Unformatted text preview: Brian Lau English 200 D Andrew McNair 5/09/07 Reading Response #13 Syme’s catechism is clever in getting Marquis to do what he wants; however, his reasoning behind can be argued. Syme says, “It only remains to adopt some method of breaking the ice between myself and the man I wish to kill” (168). I guess back then it must have been a courtesy to know the name of your killer. I thought it was clever because during last class, it was conceived that Syme was a bit of an idiot or something like that. Since Syme’s catechism contained forty-three questions and he tried to get him to the 39 th question, which must mean he can think far ahead and therefore, he is not that dumb. But then again, Syme did say he did not consider Marquis giving a different answer. The duel that Syme had with Marquis was interesting. In some sense, I kind of guessed that Marquis was also part of the anti-anarchy police force. It was a good fight, in general. Syme at first thought Marquis was an okay fencer, then a bad fencer and then a better fencer than he...
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Reading Response #13 - Brian Lau English 200 D Andrew...

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