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Unformatted text preview: MA104 Differential Calculus Applied MMA Lab 2 Assignment This applied Mathematica lab is an individual assignment. Include a cover sheet and document any assistance you receive in accordance with Documentation of Academic Work (2010). Your submission will answer all the questions below and must be typed written using Microsoft Word equation editor where appropriate. BACKGROUND Briefly describe the problem you are trying to solve. FACTS What known facts influence the problem? ASSUMPTIONS Give at least two assumptions needed to help you solve the problem. Explain why each is both valid and necessary. ANALYSIS Explain your solution process in terms of the concepts learned in MA104. Include relevant equations and math used to get your answer. Include at least one Figure (3D plot) within your answer, and be sure to label the figure and its axes. Provide any relative Mathematica output in an Appendix to the report. (**Remember to not just paste your code; explain what you are showing with Mathematica**) DISCUSSION OF RESULTS Present the major results of which Air Force refueler the MH47 crew should utilize, such as when the distance between the centersofmass are a minimum (local and/or absolute), what those distances are, and their significance in realworld terms. If a graph helps communicate this answer, include it, too (with the figure and its axes labeled, of course). It turns out that the zcoordinate ( ) in the location of Point B (that the Chinook will pass through) is in question. The stated zcoordinate could be off from the actual zcoordinate by up to 50 meters. Using sensitivity analysis, discuss how a change in the zcoordinate of Point B would change your results. CONCLUSION AND RECOMMENDATIONS Should the crew adjust the flight path? If so, how should they adjust their plan? (Give a specific quantitative recommendation, not a qualitative one.) ...
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