Study Guide- Week 4

Study Guide- Week 4 - BILD 2 Dr Fortes Fall 2011 TA Shannon...

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BILD 2- Dr. Fortes Fall 2011 TA- Shannon Campbell, [email protected] Section- Monday 6-6:50pm, Solis 111 Office Hours- Monday 1:00-2:00pm, Café Roma These questions are meant to serve as a guide when you are studying. They are in no way the only things that you will be tested on; these questions are simply some of the important things I am highlighting from Dr. Fortes’ lectures. If you have questions regarding the answers to these questions, please come to section, visit me in office hours, or send me an email. Lectures 6 and 7 1. Explain the difference between electrical and chemical synapses. Where can each type of synapse be found in the body? 2. How do ligand-gated channels differ from metabotropic, or G-Protein Coupled, receptors? Describe what happens at each, beginning with the binding of a neurotransmitter. 3. What are the main events that occur at the presynaptic terminal during an action potential? What happens once the signal is transmitted into the synaptic cleft? What occurs when this signal reaches the postsynaptic terminal?
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4. What is an IPSP? How does an IPSP differ from an EPSP? Describe how both EPSPs and
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Study Guide- Week 4 - BILD 2 Dr Fortes Fall 2011 TA Shannon...

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