Elizabethan Theatre

Elizabethan Theatre - playhouse • Where was the Globe...

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Elizabethan Theatre Terms and Names Renaissance Humanism Globe Theatre Groundlings Pit Galleries Multitudes Master of Revels
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Questions to Think About Was there any political tension during this time? What new attitude toward humanity was introduced during the Renaissance? What is commercial theatre? Did Greek and Medieval times have commercial theatre? What was the position of actors in Elizabethan society? How does this differ from Medieval times? Greek theatre? What kind of people went to Shakespeare’s theatre? How did theatres deal with the politics of the time? Who is really the ‘producer’ for the Globe theatre? What evidence do we have to suggest the appearance of a typical Elizabethan
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Unformatted text preview: playhouse? • Where was the Globe theatre located? • What time of day did the performances take place? • What was the performance style? Had this been used before? • What were the sets like? • How many people could watch a performance at one time? • How many people typically watched a performance? • Did it cost anything to go to the theatre? How much? • Was the Globe theatre the only commercial theatre in operation? • Who did the Master of Revels work for? • Was Shakespeare a popular playwright in Elizabethan times? Why or why not • Be able to identify pictures or diagrams. ....
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Elizabethan Theatre - playhouse • Where was the Globe...

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