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Nick Gomez Theater 101 Anne Price 3/12/12 Hamlet Experience Paper On Sunday, March 11 th , I attended the production showing of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, which was directed by Gordon Reinhart and put on by the Boise State Theatre Arts in the Danny Peterson Theatre. I know that we are supposed to wait until we see both productions before we decide which one we want to write about for each paper, but this was my first experience with theatre ever so I really wanted to share my experience. Since this was my first experience I didn’t have any idea of what to really expect while attending. It definitely differed from any movie-going experience and I have experienced many movies for I worked at the local movie theatre back home. Much of what we discussed in class held true for my first experience. Both theatre and movies have a story with characters and a theme within their productions but watching this production of Hamlet I felt so much more engaged than in any movie. Movies have engaged me a great deal more through an emotional aspect but with this production I felt as if in a way I was part of the play. What I mean by that is that every time an actor made eye contact with me, spoke in my direction, or even somewhat approached my seating area, I felt like I was part of it. I determined how the play would affect myself and everyone else based off of my reaction. If I wouldn’t have suspended my disbelief the play would have been completely boring and I wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much and I could have possibly even affected the actors acting during the play. I felt as though I had to pay much more attention to what was going on than in a
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Experience Paper - Nick Gomez Theater 101 Anne Price...

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