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December 2009 History of Science 100 Study Guide Part I: Themes Mathematics vs. natural philosophy Has a role in the religious debate The bible vs. the book of nature Teleological vs. mechanical explanation Experiments vs. Aristotelian heritage Man made things cannot reveal the truth about nature Building reliable knowledge Vita activa vs. vita contemplative The notion of democratizing knowledge A mass of experiments vs. one crucial experiment Deism vs. theism The notion of intelligent design Public sphere vs. private sphere (Royal Society) Dissemination of knowledge The notion that all knowledge is worth sharing and knowing (from weavers, mechanics, etc) Conflict of inclusive Enlightenment views and the rights of men (especially non Europeans) Human evolution: God’s contrivance vs. natural processes Prayer-gage Debates – anything religious theories that stretch into the realm of science
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Unformatted text preview: must be submitted to science Specialization Science as meaningless… (Weber) Animals as automata – the issue of consciousness Visual vs. verbal in cures for hysteria bring the question of objectivity vs. subjectivity Static objectivity vs. dynamic objectivity (sheer observation vs. making use of a relationship) Localization vs. holistic approach to the mind Psychological solutions to physical ailments – consciousness and subconscious and their role on the physical Demand – pull vs. supply – push (military) “little” science vs. “big” science dual-purpose scientific discoveries (ex. Nitrogen fixation) military-industrial complex pure-science vs. applied science linear argument: pure science applied science technology...
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studyguide2 - must be submitted to science Specialization...

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