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Nathan Hoch BWS 265 Dr. Coates Response 4 Dr. Callahan’s lecture titled, Health and Disease: Why Gender Matters, was a very intriguing and thought provoking lecture. It raised many questions regarding how gender plays a major role in disease and the treatment of diseases. Much of the lecture focused on the Women’s Health Initiative, and the goal of that was to address the most common cause of death, disability, and poor quality of life in post-menopausal women. Scientists had thought that replacing the hormones was the key to maintaining a healthy life after menopause for women; they thought replacing the estrogen would be the end all to problems that occur in women after menopause. The WMI showed that was not the case, too must estrogen was being used, there also needed to be another hormone called progesterone, and that a delicate balance was needed for the both of
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Unformatted text preview: them to work properly. This subject hits very close to home with me because my mother does hormonal replacement, and to know that extensive research was done to promote the safest and healthiest way to do this helps me feel more at ease. Dr. Callahan also talked about how there are about ten diseases that affect women more than men. Just a few of those were Heart Disease, Osteoporosis, and alcohol addiction. She pointed out that not enough research has been done to determine the reasons why this is the case, and that such organizations as the National Institute of Health were not appropriating funds evenly to researchers. A consequence of that is that women and diseases is a very under researched area in today’s medical field and that watch dog groups are making sure funds are distributed, so that light can be shed on some of these issues....
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