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BWS 265 Response 5

BWS 265 Response 5 - that allow the person to express their...

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Nathan Hoch BWS 265 Dr. Coates Lecture Response 5 “Who Gets to tell their story and Why? The Role of Genre in Life stories of Older Adults” was a magnificent lecture by Kate de Medeiros. She focused on the concept that everyone has an important story to tell about their life. However, not everyone thinks they have a worthy story to tell. She discussed how the history of storytelling has played a major role in the development of this idea. Essentially that throughout history the reasons someone life was told or written about because their life was full of accomplishments and that created the ability for emulation. Dr. Medeiros also talked about how this has led people to only tell what they think people want to hear about their lives. Talk or write about situations or circumstances that would only be impressive and worthy. Dr. Medeiros found a way to get around this common held belief; by addressing this problem head on she was able to come up with four writing styles
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Unformatted text preview: that allow the person to express their life in a way that is not just what the person thinks others want to hear. These styles are first person, letter writing to someone either dead or alive or even a younger version of themselves, poem writing, and third person stories. People do not generally like the vulnerability regular storytelling of their lives puts them in, and writing in all of these styles creates a situation where that vulnerability is not as easily felt which leads to more confident writings about how someone’s life really was. This lecture helped me a lot on a personal level, because the older my grandparents get the more I want to know their lives, and I have asked them to write some stuff down but what they have written was often short and not very detailed. This lecture gave me some insights on how to better lead them to write about their lives and many years down the road it will be of great value in my life....
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BWS 265 Response 5 - that allow the person to express their...

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