BWS 265 Summary paper 1

BWS 265 Summary paper 1 - within the project, such as build...

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Nathan Hoch BWS 265 1-23-12 Summary Paper 1 Ann Elizabeth Armstrong’s presentation was titled “Feeling for Reality: Fragile Coalitions and Rehearsing the Role of Ally in the Mississippi Summer Project of 1964. In this talk she discussed the Freedom Summer that took place on the Women’s Western College campus. It was a seminar that aimed to prepare volunteers for the violence they would experience in their non-violent peacekeeping jobs they would be performing in Mississippi. This Mississippi Summer Project dealt especially with the direct action protest of the predominantly white middle class members in this project in 1964. The organization that headed this project was S.N.C.C., which stands for Student Non-violent Coordinating Coalition. They aim of this project was to end the cycle of racism and isolation in Mississippi. Over 1000 volunteers were recruited and had to undergo rigorous interviews. These volunteers would do different projects
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Unformatted text preview: within the project, such as build community centers, push for Freedom schools, and register voters. Before they could go down to Mississippi and do these tasks they had to go through orientation, and this is what occurred in the Womens Western College. Most of the volunteers did not understand the reality of what was going on and often gave inappropriate gestures and words during the orientation skits and talks, almost joking about what had been experienced in Mississippi. There was almost a struggle between non-violent philosophy and non-violent tactics, but in the end S.N.C.C. headed by Bob Moses prepared the volunteers through rehearsals of violent situations through role playing exercises which Brought the whites into that reality. Without the Summer of Freedom that took place in Oxford, Ohio the M.S.P. would not have been as successful as it was....
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BWS 265 Summary paper 1 - within the project, such as build...

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