KNH 120 Reaction Paper

KNH 120 Reaction Paper - Nathan Hoch KNH 120C Allison...

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Nathan Hoch KNH 120C Allison Raguse Reaction Paper The ShakeWeight video was very interesting. I don’t think they had any original footage, it seemed like it was all used from other sources. There was a brief background of the shakeweight and address it’s sexually suggestive nature, which seemed unnecessary to mention. It talks about the founder and how it has evolved from only intended for women to including men in the marketing. The video discusses how it stemmed from the idea of inertia in workouts. The benefits they mentioned were, the convenience of this product. The weaknesses discussed were that it is very tiring to do for long periods of time and that it is still a little too heavy for women to use. The Zumba video gives a very in depth talk about the history of this exercise, and how it came about because an exercise instructor forgot music for one of his sessions and grabbed what music he had and made dance moves for it. The video talks about and demonstrates the many different dance moves that are commonly used in Zumba. It is also heavily influenced by the music, which must have a good rhythm and beat. It also discusses the six levels of Zumba. The main focus of the workout is cardiovascular endurance. It was interesting when they discussed
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KNH 120 Reaction Paper - Nathan Hoch KNH 120C Allison...

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