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Nathan Hoch POL 254 Dr. Norris 09/19/2011 E-Portfolio: Entry 1 During its height, communism affected literally millions of lives. Some people believe there was a positive effect from communism, and there are others, myself included, that believe communism led to almost nothing but poverty and the destruction of personal liberties. Nothing shows this better than a careful look at the major urban settings where communism dominated. The cities of Moscow, Kyiv, Almaty, Warsaw, and Berlin all experienced communism in much different ways, which is why looking closely at these cities experiences gives a very unique and insightful look at the negative impact of communism, even in its many forms that was used in each city. When it comes to thinking about the negative impact of communism, the first city that comes to mind is usually any other city in the Soviet empire than the city the Soviet empire was run from. However an examination of the negative experience Moscow had with communism will lead to great understanding as to why it also affected every other city it was in negatively as well. The history of Moscow is a very interesting story, being the capital for most of Russia’s fairly modern history, it has experienced the different forms of governments Russia has had. This began with the Tsarist monarchies, to the very brief democratic government that was in place after the February Revolution in 1917, to the communist one that took control in October 1917. As is common knowledge there were many practices that were very limited and even illegal in Soviet Russia, like the practice of certain religions and the right to protest the government. There are many other restrictions the Soviet government put into place, so it is not hard to see that Moscow was negatively affected by communism, but there are two main reasons
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why we know there was a negative impact. The first being the large number of attempted protests that took place in Moscow, as we saw the main site for this was the Red Square in downtown Moscow, however these protests were usually controlled quite quickly. 1 Another reason for knowing that the people of Moscow suffered under communism is seen in the sheer amount of Soviet monument desecrations. There isn’t a place this is seen clearer than in the Park of Arts, where such acts of a Stalin statue losing its nose and Khrushchev losing his entire head
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POL 254 Essay 1 - Nathan Hoch POL 254 Dr Norris E-Portfolio...

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