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POL 254 Essay 4 - Nathan Hoch POL 254 Dr Norris Final...

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Nathan Hoch POL 254 Dr. Norris Final E-portfolio Essay The many different countries under Soviet rule experienced communism in contradistinctive ways. These experiences have carried over into their post-communist lives and each country has had to deal with their past in an individual aspect. Apart from how a majority of former Soviet Union Citizens despise their communist past, it was a part of their lives for so long that they cannot truly break away from it, as seen through the lives transitions of these people and how they run their new nation-states. As it has and will be seen, there are certain aspects of communist life the people desire again, and communism has affected their lives so much that they just want a sense of normalcy. When it comes to politics, either the countries have not dealt with their communist past, which has led to non-democratic governments, or they have been trying to deal with it so aggressively that it has almost created a cult against communism and everyone who cooperated with the government. Olstalgie is probably most clearly seen in Germany where East Germans think of themselves more different than their Western brothers and sisters. “As a challenge to this undermining of some of the very foundations of easterners’ identity and personhood, shortly after the fall of the Wall many eastern Germans began asserting an emerging consciousness and identification as eastern Germans, or Ossis.” 1 This fact alone shows that those under communism realize they have a different past than those who were not under communism, and that past helped construct who they are as individuals. As a way of portraying this, it can be seen in Germany that those who were from the Eastern portion will drive the communist era car, the
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Trabi, drink Eastern beer, and wear the clothing they were given under communist rule. This does not mean that they desire communism again, in fact it is very far from that in the former Soviet states, it just exemplifies the fact that communism was all these people really knew for a long time and that it affected their lives more that many scholars thought it would. Another example of citizens of a former Soviet state yearning for familiarity with what they experienced for so long can be seen in Ukraine where, “Almost two-thirds of eastern and southern Ukrainians
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POL 254 Essay 4 - Nathan Hoch POL 254 Dr Norris Final...

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