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Nathan Hoch POL 459 Dr. Baker Memo 4 In Polarized Politics the question was raised regarding the issue of whether it matters or has consequences to being the majority or minority party in Congress. The fact that this question can be raised brings light to the idea that the answer may not be as clear cut as what is widely thought. Evidence was displayed that showed having a majority in Congress does have an impact on the way someone votes and is on committees. Although evidence was also presented to show that having predictive power, such as the majority party does, leads to a view that is not as asymmetric as what logic implies. One such reason for this is that the opposition is given a chance to unify and organize because of the predictability. Even though examples such as have been mentioned take away some of the power the majority party has, my personal opinion is that since the majority party has the power to decide when and what to vote on gives them an
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Unformatted text preview: extremely useful advantage. Along with many other powers the majority party has being able to decide what and when is a very technical advantage that is often used to increase the power or at least the perception of power in Congress. The Fight Club Politics article gave excellent insight to this phenomenon of hate that is going on in our government. I call it a phenomenon because as was mentioned in the article, this hate has gone past just name calling. It has grown into genuine disgust and lack of acceptance of members in the opposing parties. This is a very big problem because when a member of Congress thinks their counterpart is inferior then no progress will ever be made. I truly hope we are not passed the point of no return, because when lawmakers stop putting their differences aside for the common good of the nation, a downhill spiral will soon ensue....
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