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POL 459 Mid-Term - Nathan Hoch POL 459 Dr Baker Mid-Term...

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Nathan Hoch POL 459 Dr . Baker Mid-Term Exam Elite polarization is a phenomenon that is occurring for a number of reasons . The causation of which can be linked to physical location of the elite’s, to the fact that more ideological donors have more of a leverage than ever before . This phenomenon is even due to the ideologies of the parties evolving over time and the organization of the parties themselves . These are some of the many aspects that play a role in the elite polarization that has occurred and is occurring amongst the political elites in our society . As will be shown the control of this polarization is outside the control of any one person or party . The fact that the members of our legislative branch seldom spend time in Washington D . C . let alone with the members of the other party is a major reason why elite polarization is happening in our government . In the Fight Club Politics article, Juliet Eilperin discussed how there was a change in Congress in the 1990’s where Congressmen and women no longer moved to Washington D . C . to live there permanently during their term . Prior to this change Congressmen and women would have regular interactions with the members of the other party and befriended them . This led to a mutual respect and friendships amongst the members of Congress . This created an atmosphere where the members of Congress could see that their counterparts were honestly pursuing what they thought was the best course of action to take . However, Eilperin states that “This sort of lifestyle disappeared in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, when GOP firebrands like Dick Armey declared themselves members of the ‘Tuesday to
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Thursday’ club and spent as little time as possible in Washington . ”(Eilperin, Pg . 32) This lack of interaction between members has created a unique circumstance in Congress, one in which mutual respect and friendships with members of the other party are hard to find . When there is a lack of respect among members of other parties then an idea of superiority arises .
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