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Nathan Hoch POL 459 Professor Baker 1-25-12 Gerring’s first chapter was very interesting. I greatly enjoyed the in depth look at the history of our parties. He did a very good job at showing how the parties have changed over time, but I think he could have done a better job of explaining why certain changes have occurred in the parties. An example of this is why the Democratic Party has changed to encompass and portray itself as the defender of minorities. He discussed how the party used to be the engine of white supremacy, but not what brought about the change. I thought he wrote very well on what the main factors of the Republican Party are, these being, prosperity, social order, and patriotism. I think that terminology fits very well with the broad category Republicans would classify themselves as. I also thought it was very interesting how the idea of
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Unformatted text preview: the government associating directly with the nation to now being almost opposite to the nation. For the Democratic Party the idea of their belief can be classified, as Gerring has done, as searching for equality. I think that it needs to be more specific than that, because Democrats want there to be economic and social equality, but Republicans also want social equality as well as the equality of opportunity. I agree largely with the author in the idea that the parties do have ideological differences, but I believe that the parties have largely the same ideology, but it is just a matter of how much or little. By this I mean, for example, everyone agrees that regulation is necessary to maintain stability and health in the economy, but the debate is over how much or how little regulation there should be, not whether there is a need for any....
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