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It was interesting to read that the members in congress and politics as a whole is now more polarized than it has been in the past. I would be interested to know where they came about with this information. It was addressed because people in the parties now only vote for what the parties stand for and who they put forth on the ballet instead of voting for the other side. This is interesting because I always hear about the days when the parties were so strong and that they had die hard followings. I would also suggest that the parties were more or less ideologically opposites for most of the history of this country and that the period of moderates is going on now instead of in the past. This section of the book covers a lot about how our nation is much more complex politically than it is portrayed to be, and a large portion is dedicated to showing the root causes of clumping people together, to either be red or blue. Such causes as history, religion, peer pressure, and the fact that competitive districts are ending. It will be
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