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Nathan Hoch ZOO 161 BA Shiva Cardiovascular Diseases I do not necessarily know a whole lot about cardiovascular disease but I do know that it is one of the most major causes of death in the United Sates. I know it has to deal with the heart and the arteries or veins. Although it can largely be caused because of genetics it can also, and is most likely caused from, a poor diet and lack of exercise. These are largely the reasons why it is so prevalent in the United States, because most Americans do not properly monitor their diets and do not participate in a whole lot of exercising. High blood pressure and bad cholesterol are some examples of diseases that fit into this category and can also be cured with proper eating and
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Unformatted text preview: physical activity. Using tobacco and alcohol also increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. Basic knowledge, such as what has been written about in this paper could do marvelous things to people worldwide, because a large reason this is so devastating is that people do not understand what exactly cardiovascular disease is and what minor steps in changing their eating habits and daily physical activities could do to prevent this terrible thing. As technology increases and this knowledge is put out to the public better, hopefully there will be a decrease in the number of deaths each year due to these diseases, and that we will be able to diagnose sooner and respond quicker with better treatments....
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