ZOO 161 Cholesterol Assignment

ZOO 161 Cholesterol Assignment - borderline high, the HDL...

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Cholesterol Assignment Due Sept 8 1. Circle the blood cholesterol profile below that you think would be most desirable? . Use the table at the bottom to help you answer the questions. 2. What about this profile made you choose it over the others? I chose the one with the total at 200, HDL at 65 and LDL at 105 because each one was very close to the optimal number that is desirable. Although the total at 200 may be close to being
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Unformatted text preview: borderline high, the HDL was well in the optimal range and the LDL was right near the optimal range. 3. Explain why you didnt choose each of the other two In the first one the total level was optimal, but the HDL was low and the LDL was borderline high. In the third one, even though the LDL was near optimal, the overall total was high, the HDL was low....
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