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ZOO 161 DNA fingerprinting - genetic makeup is which can...

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Nathan Hoch ZOO 161 BA Shiva DNA Fingerprinting DNA fingerprinting is an interesting way to identify people. There are multiple different forms of fingerprinting in this way that exceed the classic fingerprint, there is also blood typing, attaining DNA from hair, semen, and even saliva. As technology increases in our lifetime it is becoming easier to match or fingerprint someone because of these methods. This is largely used in crimes to determine who committed the crime or at least who was around when the crime occurred. There are also other uses for DNA fingerprinting, such as determining whose parents a child’s is, or even just obtaining a better understanding of one’s self, by learning what their
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Unformatted text preview: genetic makeup is, which can lead to a better life. Some law enforcement agencies have expressed a desire to have it mandatory for everyone who is in the United States put a DNA sample and fingerprints into a gigantic DNA database which will make it much easier to find out who committed a crime, because if some DNA is obtained and the person had no previous record then their DNA would most likely not be in the database which leaves and open end to the crime. Some critics to this idea say that it is an infringement on our individual rights....
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