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Pituitary dwarfism occurs when the pituitary gland does not produce enough of the hormones necessary for a person to fully develop in proper time and to an average size. Sometimes the pituitary gland is just delayed in the releasing process, sometimes it is blocked by a tumor, or sometimes it just under produces these hormones, but no matter the reason it ends in the same result. Obviously the main hormone that is deficiently produced is the Growth Hormone, and when there is insufficient Growth Hormone the result becomes a much shorter statured person compared to the average sized person. So you might be thinking “ok being short would kind of suck, but it wouldn’t be that terrible.” But there are many other problems that can occur when a person has dwarfism. Such problems as having an underdeveloped heart and other organs, because if the body of someone didn’t develop properly, then most likely the organs didn’t either. In some cases, such as Turner Syndrome the genital organs will under develop or not even fully develop at all. In women
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