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ZOO 161 Medical marijuana

ZOO 161 Medical marijuana - and are more likely to...

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Nathan Hoch ZOO161 BA Shiva Medical Marijuana Using marijuana to subside pain or other factors due to medical conditions is a very interesting concept. I am not sure if I am entirely convinced to use marijuana for this purpose. I understand that it does have benefits, like mentioned earlier to subdue pain due to a condition or to be used to increase appetite. There are other benefits as well, like allowing for the growth of this drug so it gives farmers another outlet for growing products. Some arguments that are against using marijuana are that it is a drug and if it is used it could be a gateway drug to harder drugs which leaves the patients at a disadvantage because they have been smoking the marijuana
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Unformatted text preview: and are more likely to experiment with other drugs. Other arguments would be that it would be hard to control this drug if it is released so readily and openly to the public, because where it is legal a doctor can prescribe it for almost any medical condition, which ends up meaning a lot of people have marijuana that do not necessarily need it. When it really comes down to it, as long as people realize that it is just supposed to be used to help curb some of the problems of serious medical conditions, and that it is not a cure for these problems, then I guess I really do not have a problem with using marijuana for medical purposes as long as it is properly monitored....
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