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Nathan Hoch ZOO 161 BA 09-06-2011 Opinion Paper 1 Genetically modified food is a very interesting topic to discuss and has generated a fair amount of controversy. It has produced positive feedback when its potential to help curb hunger produced from under production of food. In terms of this, I think genetically modified food can be really beneficial just for that reason. Producing food in this manner does not require the same kind of specific environment that naturally producing food does. It is a much more efficient and cost effective way to produce food. However, this good fact about genetically modified food is that we do not know fully how harmful some of these foods can be to humans that consume them. Scientists can be fairly sure that the food produced, because they know exactly how they are manipulating it and how it should respond with the human body, but there has not been
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Unformatted text preview: enough testing done to see just how harmful some of these foods can be. There are also concerns with becoming dependent of genetically modifying foods, that if there were ever some sort of an emergency or anything of that sort where it would be hard to produce food genetically, then that would not be a very good situation that may have severe negative outcomes with food shortages. In my personal opinion, I would much rather consume natural food, but seeing as how it is much more cost efficient and available I usually consume foods that have been in some way or another modified genetically. However, I honestly believe there is room for both organic and modified foods, and that in today’s world both are necessary. As with all things, there is both a positive and negative side to genetically modified food, and only the future will determine the significance of either....
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