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ZOO 161 Opinion Paper 2

ZOO 161 Opinion Paper 2 - Also there has been the creation...

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Nathan Hoch ZOO 161 BA 09-20-2011 Opinion Paper 2 Stem cell research has generated a lot of controversy over the years. That is because of the different types of stem cells being used to try to correct or heal diseases, illnesses, mutations, or damaged organs. The different types being used are Adult stem cells and Embryonic stem cells. Pro-life advocates, such as myself, have a problem using embryonic stem cells, because a human life is being destroyed in the process. There has also been almost no progress using embryonic stem cells while though there is more narrow use for the adult stem cells, there has been much more success.
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Unformatted text preview: Also, there has been the creation of Induced Pluripotent cells, which allows any cell to be reversed and made into any other cell. This capability, though still fairly new, is essentially making it so there is no need to use embryonic stem cells. This will hopefully end the controversy all together. Other than the controversy surrounding aspects of stem cell research, it is a very good method, that uses the most advanced technology we have, and that has truly helped many people. As technology increases controversies about this research will inevitably decrease and more good will come out of the use of it....
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