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ZOO 161 Smoking Ban - to inconvenience smokers, and any law...

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Nathan Hoch ZOO 161 Shiva Ban on Smoking It is probably more prevalent now than ever before, but we understand the absolutely devastation smoking causes to the individuals that participate in the act. As we learn more we also are finding out what a problem second hand smoke can cause to people and that having a family member or friend smoke can put great stress and strain on their family members or friends. Many states have now made it illegal to smoke in public spaces, both indoors and outdoors. This includes no smoking in bars, restaurants, malls, or even parks. I personally think the law has gone a little too far in stating that someone is not allowed to smoke in outdoor areas that are public, because in the outdoors there is plenty of fresh air and I feel that it is just trying
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Unformatted text preview: to inconvenience smokers, and any law that is put in place to solely inconvenience someone is not a good law. I do like the part of the law where there smoking is not allowed in restaurants and malls and other such indoor places, but I think when it comes to a bar, the owner of the bar should have discretion on whether smoking should be allowed on the inside, although most bars would probably lose a lot of business if they said smoking was allowed in their bar. All in all I think the smoking ban is a good law, but we just need to watch out for laws that are overreaching....
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