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HST 365 Paper 1 - Nathan Hoch History 365 Dr Jackson March...

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Nathan Hoch History 365 Dr . Jackson March 4 , 2011 Scholars Perspective of Slavery on Christianity For many years scholars have debating and discussed the contributions of slavery on virtually every aspect of our lives . It is very clear that slavery shaped much of what we see , hear, and use in our everyday culture today , but the purpose of this discussion is to look at how Black scholars have interpreted these contributions . For this discussion in particular the focus will be on that contribution to Christianity . Religion and specifically Christianity played a major role in the lives of slaves as well as in many of the lives of the abolitionists . It also greatly divided the Christian population on the issue itself , while many knew slavery was Biblically wrong, there were still many that said it was perfectly compatible . Just from these few examples it is easy to see that Christianity was changed because of slavery , and Black scholars agree, and what follows are details about how Black scholars view the contributions of slavery to Christianity . This discussion will be broken up into five sections . The first section deals with how Black scholars see how slavery developed and changed the Christian faith , especially with the creation Africanized Christianity. The second section will deal with how the scholars see the contribution of slavery
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to Christianity in the way of having the church become very separated over slavery , and how the predominant leaders in the church examined their beliefs very carefully to come to the conclusion that slavery was not compatible with the Christian faith , while others concluded that it was compatible . The third section will discuss how scholars view the contributions of slavery on Christianity in terms of the Abolition movement . How Christians knew they had to stand up for the rights of all people including slaves , and how this lead to a huge abolitionist movement that was driven by faith . The fourth section will discuss the view scholars have towards the role slavery played in making Christianity the dominant religion in African-Americans today . The last section will draw all the previous sections together and discuss how scholars view Christianity would be if there had not been slavery to change and develop many facets of this religion . It is clear that Christianity would look very differently , but Black scholars have a very interesting take on just how it would look . “Christianity was embraced by many blacks with a fervency that put
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HST 365 Paper 1 - Nathan Hoch History 365 Dr Jackson March...

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