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KNH 336 Coaching Philosophy

KNH 336 Coaching Philosophy - when having fun mixed with...

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Nathan Hoch KNH 336 Coach Reynolds Coaching Philosophy My coaching philosophy is that a coach should be someone that teaches the athlete not only to be a good athlete but a better, more independent person. A coach should try to instill three characteristics into the athlete. Those are discipline, dedication, and respect. Along with these characteristics a coach should provide the knowledge of how to be a better athlete by teaching the skill necessary for the athlete to advance in his/her sport. It is one thing to just provide this knowledge, but if the characteristics mentioned prior are instilled, then the athlete will flourish. Discipline will teach the athlete that the sport they are playing is serious and should be taken seriously. It is necessary for an athlete to have fun while playing their sport, and
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Unformatted text preview: when having fun mixed with the seriousness of their sport, a passion for that sport will grow inside of them. Dedication is a characteristic only the athlete can control, but the coach needs to provide a supportive environment for the athlete to dedicate themselves to the sport. Lastly, respect should be taught for the sport, other athletes and coaches, and most importantly for himself/herself as an athlete. If they are given respect and taught that respect, they will take themselves seriously and will be more dedicated to his/her sport. All three of these characteristics go hand in hand with each other, and they will not only make the athlete a better one, it will help advance the athlete as a human being in their community....
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