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POL 333 Debate - Nathan Hoch POL 333 Dr Mason The European...

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Nathan Hoch POL 333 Dr. Mason The European Union becoming a Federal Union Debate Position: Con There are many reasons why someone would think the European Union is becoming a Federal Union, but there are some very key matters that until completely solved, should keep people from wondering whether the E.U. is becoming a Federal Union or not. One is the lack of a National Security force for the European Union. Although the E.U. is trying to work on a common army, this issue is still in the fairly early stages of programming and a complete force that does not depend on the individual states will most likely not be created for many years. In fact, the German Chancellor says that hopefully in fifty years the E.U. can have a common standing army. Another matter the E.U. needs to tackle before they can be considered a Federal Union is the lack of Foreign Diplomacy the E.U. engages in. The E.U. almost only takes part in peacekeeping and aid missions.(Activities of the European Union) They do not have much
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