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The Economist Cutting immigration Shutting the door The government’s efforts to reduce the inflow of foreign workers have re-ignited an old controversy Nov 18th 2010 This article addresses the issue of Great Britain having the largest influx of immigrants ever, and that many are starting to question whether they want this many immigrants and are pushing for new restricting immigration laws. It also talks about the cuts that are trying to be made in each of Britain’s three tiers of immigration for non-European Union immigrants. Those tiers are just three legal ways a non-European Union member can immigrate to Great Britain, those being, work, study and family reunion. Each tier is important and making significant cuts
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Unformatted text preview: in any of them is considered controversial. However, with immigration reform being a very high priority for most of the British population something is going to have to be done. This article really brings out the issue of immigration in the European Union member states. Since immigration and extended travel are not restricted in any way, countries are having to start restricting immigration to non-European people, which almost seems like a form of discrimination. This also shows the worry the citizens have in the major European Union states have regarding immigrants taking all of their jobs, and how is the currently weak economy going to be able to sustain such huge continuous immigration trends....
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