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POL 333 Journal 4

POL 333 Journal 4 - The Economist Germany and the euro We...

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Unformatted text preview: The Economist Germany and the euro We don't want no transfer union Tight-fisted Germans resent paying for profligate Greeks, Irish and others December 5, 2010 This article discusses that many Germans are upset with the bailout process that is going on in Europe. They feel like they are taking the most of the hit from giving these bailouts and feel like they will eventually be paying for all of Europe. The article shows a poll that 56 percent of people in Germany want the Mark back as their currency, and that many see taking the euro as a major mistake. However, the article also shows that only 10 percent think that taking the Mark back is a logical solution to the problem. This shows that the German people know they will have this euro for the long haul, and that has led many leaders in Germany to think of ideas to try to solve this problem. Like kicking some of the problem countries out of the euro-zone, which is to solve this problem....
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