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Financial Times French Protests on Pensions Start to Run out of Steam October 28, 2010 This article discusses the major demonstrations and strikes that are going on in France  over the law that pushed the retirement age from 60 to 62 and full pensions from 65 to 67.  The  article talks about how since the bill has been passed a lot of the protests have lost strength and a  lot of the strikes are no longer going on.  The author points out that once the bill became actual  law mostly everyone has learned to accept it.  The article also talks about how some hardliners  and unions are still trying to plan major demonstrations and strikes in opposition to the law. This article shows three sides to European culture. The first is that people in Europe feel  entitled to anything that makes their lives easier and anything that makes them work a little 
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Unformatted text preview: harder or longer will have major opposition. The second side is Europeans regard for law and order. When this bill passed much of the protests and strikes ceased and this shows that Europeans have a high regard and respect for law, and even if they don’t agree with the policy they see it as a law that needs to be followed. Lastly, this shows the ideological battle that is going on in Europe with the Conservatives and Liberals. There has recently been a major shift in European politics to the Center right side and many of the left are trying to fight that any way they can, in this case by opposing the retirement bill. It almost shows a sign of being desperate by the left....
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